8 Quick Weeknight Hosting Ideas

quick dinner ideas


In today’s fast-paced life, we do have time constraints. For instance, when you come back home in the evening, you don’t really want to spend hours in the kitchen. And when you invite friends over on a weeknight, I know, some of you do get stressed out by the very thought of making food for them. First, you have little time to cook a meal. Second, you are probably still figuring out on what to cook. Third, you don’t even have a helping hand. Slurrpy will make your life easier, so that your weeknight dinner with friends is no more a daunting task for you. You can always order food or catch up with friends at a restaurant, but hey, sometimes, being at home with friends is more fun (apart from the fact that eating out is not pocket-friendly always). And with smart planning, hosting a dinner party after office is just as easy as 1, 2, 3!

While hosting a dinner on a weeknight, always plan ahead. Do a quick survey the previous day, on what ingredients you need, and whether you are running out of your pantry staples. Do the chopping a day prior to the party and store the chopped veggies or fruits in the refrigerator in lock-n-lock boxes, foils or ziplock bags. Avoid chopping potato beforehand as these turn black on standing. Or, if you have to chop potatoes beforehand, soak these pieces in a vinegar-water soution and refrigerate. If lentils need to be soaked, do it the previous night and keep it in the refrigerator. Same applies for marinating meat, etc. If you plan to cook any pasta or noodle dish, you can keep the boiled pasta or noodles ready beforehand, which makes your cooking a breeze when the guests arrive!

Know your limitations. If you can’t cook three dishes, that’s ok. Weeknight meals do not always have to be elaborate ones. Cook one good dish and include a few interesting sides. Commercially available ready-to-cook starters are great time-savers. Make one or two easy and tasty salads too! And don’t forget to make some quick cocktails or mocktails, which can really add glamour to your weeknight parties. Easy-to-cook sides may include a few interesting dishes, such as simple stir-fried mushrooms in butter, grilled asparagus spears served with spicy mayo, etc.

It is okay if your friends offer to help you out a bit in the kitchen. Also, simple meals are great meals. Even a comforting bowl of noodles can bring smiles! Here are a few recipes that you can try out. If you take care of aspects like marination, chopping, etc., on the previous day, cooking these dishes will be a breeze.

Have a fun party ahead!


Spaghetti with meatballs

Spaghetti with Meatballs


Fish Amritsari

Fish Amritsari


chicken cafreal

Chicken Cafreal


summer soup

Summer Soup


gobi aloo

Gobi Aloo


Easy green bean casserole

Easy Green Bean Casserole


Jeera rice

Jeera Rice


shahi mutter mushroom paneer

Shahi Mutter-Mushroom-Paneer

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