Save that Peel!

Did you know? Banana peel is loaded with potassium and can be used to reduce wrinkles around the eyes. Rubbing a fresh banana peel, yellow side out, under and around the eyes can reduce worry lines and bags.

The best part about saving those peels is that a banana peel can also reduce the itching and swelling from an insect bite. Again, just rub the peel on the bite or for extended relief, tape some peel to the bite.

Interestingly, banana peels are also great for gardening, if dried and added to the soil. It works great for your lovely rose plants: the roses shine with health! As rose bushes thrive on potassium, few peels of dried banana scattered around the base of the bush will help those beautiful roses grow in full bloom and shine. What’s more, when shining your shoes, try using a banana peel to do the job!

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