How to Set a Valentine’s Day Special Table and Mood

Valentines Day Table Decorating Ideas

Ah well, love is in the air and we couldn’t keep ourselves from doing a little Valentine’s Day Special post: this time food and these stellar table ideas with decorating ideas from what’s at home! Whether your plans include a romantic dinner, an evening with the kids or a quiet time, these table ideas will set just the right mood for an evening, this V-Day.

Addressing the problem: How often do we find ourselves in a situation where there is the perfect food waiting in the kitchen but just not enough proper crockery or setting to uplift it. Or worse, the perfect setting and you don’t know what to cook and you’ve just come from a meeting. Give or take one week before the Valentine’s Day. All good resorts are booked too: thanks to many people in love. Not to mention, this year it’s a weekday, so your office might not show you some love to give you a leave. So what do we do? For people with a hectic lifestyle, with no time to arrange, we set it up by giving you ideas. You listen to us because this is what we are doing and things look beautiful even with as little as a flower, two candles and DIY chargers. We are also listing a couple of easy recipes for you to put together to have the perfect Valentine’s Day.

How to set up an easy and effective Valentine’s Day table

Table setting idea 1. Here are list of things for setting a table as mentioned in our featured image: Plain brown paper cut in circles, an inch bigger in diameter than your serving plates, any flower will do the trick (a rose, marigold or if you want to give your table an exotic touch, choose a hibiscus), forks and spoons and wine glasses. Get some more of these flowers and plain glasses. If using a napkin, use a plain ring or copper wires.

Assembling your Valentine’s Day table

Place your paper charges and position your plate. Place spoons to right and forks to left. Place glasses on right of each plate and add a flower to the plate. Use napkins creatively or roll it up and use a herb to hold it. Use the free space to align normal drinking glasses, fill water and stud flowers. Note: If you don’t have flowers, any herb will do the trick. You can also go ahead and use branches to make it rustic. Food suggestions: Start with a sparkling wine and a starter, like Crispy Fried Prawns in a Nutty Shrimp & Orange Veloute. Move on to a light main dish and end with our special dessert – Pear Pie.

Table setting idea 2: for beer-drinkers and rustic loving. If you like to take things easy, here’s the simplest beachy idea for you. A pear and fresh mint from garden is all you’ll need! Food suggestions: Grab a beer, go with our Spice rubbed chicken that’s very easy to make, move on to a fine steak or a grilled fish main course and end with a light and airy coconut and rum cupcake.


Table Idea 3: For the romantic couple. A stripey table cloth, a few reds throw in, some salt and some beachy accents is all you’ll need to nail this. Just everyday things thrown differently. Food suggestions: For this bit, we’ll go a bit more romantic and ask you to grab a Champagne. This time we are not doing entree but moving to a delicious Indian chicken and this delicious mango sorbet that with its hints of ginger will end it on a naughty note.

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