Hot or Not: PotPourri Restaurant Review 7/10

So there I was sitting in PotPourri- one of the posh places to hog and I have to tell you that the place quite took me by its menu.

Who am I to judge? Well, I’m a self-proclaimed food enthusiast if not a reviewer, and coming from a Bong background I’ve been exposed to extraordinary food since I was 7 months old. Having grown up in Darjeeling I was exposed to 4 different cuisines, simultaneously right from the start: count Nepali, Tibetan, Continental & Bengali.

A melting pot of cuisines, Darjeeling is ‘the’ place to grow up. Free range eggs for breakfast with homemade bread, steaming hot momos for lunch or better- aloo tikki with dollo khorsani ki chatni, tea with butter for warmth at 4, a hot dog to go maybe with it and thukpa for dinner. Really- there were days like this. I was born in Kolkata and was taken to Darjeeling when I was wee bit. And since then, till the time I came to Bombay- which is 20, I grew up eating all sorts of food. Hahaha, okay I just grew with more and more food. I’m playing a bit here and I hope you understand what I mean.

Point being: You can trust me when I tell you Pot Pourri gets a good 7.

So to make things a little more vector, we will be rating each dish on 10. We’ll judge the service and the ambience too. The cumulative is where it stands.

Food first:

We ordered for a chicken involtini- with cheese, olives and garlic with a glass of lager 
















Our Ratings:

Chicken Involtini : (For 250) – 5/10

Why: There is taste but I don’t know what is shining in it. The chicken is not juicy but there is gooey cheese, which is very good. The salad itself is great but it doesn’t make for a proper side. So 5 is justified.

Beef Chili: (For 280) – 10/10

Why: First and foremost, the beef is juicy and tender and cooked done to medium (the way we Indians like it), the goan spices shine through and the salad is just perfect.

We also ordered for a chicken satay and changed our drink to vodka and lime.






















Chicken Stay: (For 250) – 6/10

Why: It’s really, strictly okay! Crumbly, crispy etc but its just okay. Not good, not to remember though the sour cream was fresh and so was the side of salad.

Unfortunately, the battery died off and we henceforth there will be ratings only.

We ordered for a Beef Steak Sizzler – (For 450)

We give it 3/10. The steak was rolled up with carrot sticks and there was a gruesome taste about it. It was rare and bloody. It wasn’t pink. The taste was really sort of stupid.

Ambience: 6/10. Im taking off 4 fat points for putting up a photo wall with corny little posters. Take a look and you’ll be reminded of what happens when you have a deadline and you’re missing out on good photos. The diner like nook with a long red settee is very good again- I am specially fond of the woody table tops.

Service: 10/10. Quick, Diligent and very good.

So that adds upto: 42/60 the cumulative of which is 7.

There you go!

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