A shortcut to your favorite recipes. Specially arranged for midnight snackers!!

Restaurant Secret recipes

This is where the best of chefs unfurl their secrets. This is where your wonders vanish. This is when you stop doing Kung-Fu and start Cooking! Revealing mouth smacking goodness straight out of the Chef’s secret chamber, our Restaurant Secret Recipes give you an array of carefully kept secret recipes that would definitely give you the dope for your next home party.

Quick Fix

We do not use pigeons to send letters, anymore, do we? So, why should cooking take all the time! Making platters easiers, here are some really hot-glue type recipes that fixes your tongue and tummy alike- in no time. This is the food remix- the slurrpy Quick Fix.

Sunday Brunch

On a day when you feel, “Whoever invented the concept of 8’0 clock breakfast”, be sure it’s Sunday. And on a day like that, turn your thoughts to us. When you are too late for breakfast and too early for lunch, this is where you should be. Tune in your half-n-half appetite to some fabulous brunches that would add a Zing to your Sundays!
10 things to eat before you die

Can we have a sneak peek at your bucket list? What? You have only one food to eat before you die? We’ll give you 10. You cannot totally die without having this. In fact we say, try them first. Dying can wait for another day.
Kick starting Potions

Did you know, you can be judged by the beverage you choose! And yes it is totally true. Fun loving college student- Café Latte, Somber executive- black coffee, zen loving executive- green tea, tiny-tot- hot chocolate, ramu- the pehelwaan- 1kilo pure milk! See what we mean. So, who are you today? Choose your potion and be who you want to be.

Who says, going vegetarian is an insipid move? Not here in Slurrpy land. Not with so many Recipe Délicieux to try, eat and slurp! Presenting an array of vegetarian recipes that will let you throw an open challenge to the hardcore non-vegetarians, when they say they won’t swallow a morsel of “ghaas-phoos”. It’s time to teach them what it feels like to be a vegetarian!

Calling all the beloveds of the meat loving clan to celebrate the joy of the tongue. Boeuf bourguignon, Foie Gras, Mutton Masala, Kheema Pav, Beef fry, aah! A drooling affair. Enough talk lets cook that chicken!

Do you know how you should eat that dessert? Deserted! Mouth watering dessert are best enjoyed alone. And of course with your loved ones if you are as sweet as the dessert! Go on and try our yummy desserts that’ll challenge your sharing morals.

Freshly baked, stored for 3 days, iced, non-iced, glazed, not-glazed, simple, brilliant, even the cake batter left in the mixture- everything tastes just about great. If it’s baked, it has to be brilliant. Check out our simple baking theories that come out extraordinary off the oven. Just to ensure that you have a baked day that’s gone super good!

The world in slurrpy plates. Check out the world’s best kept, handed down through generations, and taken pride in recipes that’ll give your tongue a longitudinal & latitudinal shift. Check out our world cuisine and let the foodie in you travel where it wants to.