Quick Fix Recipes

We do not use pigeons to send letters, anymore, do we? So, why should cooking take all the time! Making platters easiers, here are some really hot-glue type recipes that fixes your tongue and tummy alike- in no time. This is the food remix- the slurrpy Quick Fix.

Enchiladas Verdes

Enchiladas Verdes

Enchiladas Verdes is the perfect dish for a lazy day. I love having them as a late breakfast on a calm Sunday morning…

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Chicken-rice salad

Chicken-Rice Salad

If you want a healthy dinner recipe that would not add to your weight, here’s what I have for you from my long-…

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Best Veg Pakoras

There are numerous songs and albums, written in different languages, describing the sentimental feelings associated w…

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Aloo tikki Slurrpy recipe

Aloo Tikki

It’s getting colder, now that we’re officially enjoying full monsoons. A warm cup to hang on to and some piping hot A…

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French Toast

The Classic French Toast

When in school, after repeated protests against boiled eggs for breakfast my Mother whipped up this delicious and eas…

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egg dosa

Egg Dosa

To explore taste, I believe we have to create the taste! Dosa be it plain or with any combination is welcome on our p…

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