Bamboo Pot’s Secret Recipes


Marking its territory from the ubiquitous Chinese restaurants that pops up at every nook and corner, with exceptional food that’s nothing close to Indian Chinese, this niche joint that was started around 2 years back, already is quite a name amongst the Chinese lovers. Serving authentic Chinese cuisine, Bamboo Pot also caters to parties and provides catering service. Hit them anytime between 12 in the afternoon to 4 in the evening and 6:30 in the evening to midnight. We assure you, some great food’s here to be explored.


  • Chicken (One portion)
  • Chopped pieces of ginger, garlic, green and red chillies (About 200 grams)
  • Soya, Vinegar and salt (According to the taste)
  • Sauces along with the dish (eg. Schezwan sauce)
  • Butter wrapping paper



  1. Take the portion of chicken and mince it properly.
  2. Similarly grate the ginger and garlic into thin small pieces.
  3. Now mix the minced chicken and grated ginger-garlic.
  4. Add soya, vinegar and salt according to the taste.
  5. Give a suitable shape to the mixture and place it on the butter paper carefully (preferably long cylindrical shapes, as shown in the picture).
  6. Now wrap the butter paper around the chicken mixture and deep fry it in oil.
  7. Serve it along with the butter paper wrapped around it.


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