Lotus lotus in the pond, who’s the healthiest among us all?

Lotus Seeds

Not many know that lotus seeds are edible, well it is! A healthy snack I must say! It dominates potato chips and is coming along to be an addictive snack for couch potatoes. Its healthy and filling, with less than 1g of fat, 21g of carbohydrates, 0g of saturated fibre. Munch, chew and swallow this mouth watering snack. Some chat masala would be a mind blowing combination when it is mixed into it.


This flower leaves behind an extremely ravishing protein releaser and is loved by many dieters who crave for tasty food. In fact, it has made the entire plant family of Nelumbonaceae proud! It is also an important ingredient in the Chinese delicacy, go through the recipes and find out for yourself.  These lotus seeds contain L-isoaspartyl methyltransferase, acting as anti-ageing enzymes and helps in retaining your radiant and youthful look. What else could one get from just a few seeds? Apparently a lot more!

Having troubles with inflammation? Not to worry, this healthy snack can not only delight you but it can also help in the treatment of inflammation, as it contains natural flamanoid which has anti-inflammation properties. Did you know that these tiny lotus seeds had natural sedatives and calming properties? This helps in the cure of insomnia or restlessness and because you are calm, your blood pressure is also stable! It has properties that repair ageing gums. It has high amounts of astringent properties that cures chronic diarrhoea. Take a shot and try it, you will love it!

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