Banana and its uses

Desserts are great. There is no better a feeling than to trip on something sweet after a nice filling meal. Trying out something with chocolates is great, but how about trying something using fruits? Why not try bananas?Bananas, as neutral as they sound, can contribute to the making of some really mouthwatering desserts. In the United States, in the southern area particularly, banana pudding is a delicious dessert that is very popular. It takes barely an hour or less to make this amazing dessert. Be it refrigerated or baked, banana puddings have gained quite a reputation on a global level.

In India, banana fritters are also quite often made. A simple process of frying long slices of bananas can be quite a tasty affair.

  • To add to this, bananas are quite a healthy fruit to have. It contains amino acids that help reduce stress.
  • Bananas help the haemoglobin to perform appropriately by releasing a high content of iron. This comes in handy when fighting against diarrhoea.
  • It provides roughage as it is rich in fibre. This fibre is soluble and helps in bowel movements thus reducing the chances of suffering from loose motions.
  • Not only that, bananas are high in potassium levels and can particularly help in restoring the electrolytes that get depleted due to diarrhoea.
  • It reduces acidity and helps in avoiding irritation in the body.

If bananas are consumed on a daily basis and are made a strict part of our diet, it can certainly help in reducing the chances of being affected by a stroke which can be fatal and even bodily ailments such as leg cramps. What better, bananas are ideal to get rid of a serious hangover. So now you can have a fresh morning after a late night party by just having a glass of cold milkshake.

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