An onion a day keeps many problems away

When we speak of onions by itself, the first thing that comes to mind is the repelling odour that onions can produce. Eat a raw onion and your breath can melt down even the strongest of opponents, but here’s the thing, what many people don’t know, is that the benefits of onions are almost unmeasurable.Firstly, almost all the types of main course dishes are prepared along with the much needed presence of onions. They seem to be a great treat when served along with a salad or any sandwich. Okay! The repelling odour is just a myth. This is possible only if a person consumes nothing but just onions. Too much of something is not good right!! On a serious note, onions are used to add that extra flavour to the meals which make your mouth water at the mere “sniff” of it. Previously and sometimes even in today’s world, onions are used for therapeutic purposes. Here are some of the life altering benefits that you need to know:

  • A sinus can be quite a “kill joy”. Let’s face it, no one likes to have a splitting headache accompanied with a leaking nose and cough. This is where onions come to the rescue. It loosens up your phlegm, thus helping you to reduce your sinus problem.
  • A diabetic person’s worst nightmare is high blood pressure. This problem can seriously have serious consequences, some of which are even fatal. Munching on an onion will help maintain your blood pressure quite effectively.
  • No matter how healthy you might be, everybody is prone to parasites. These parasites definitely have an effect on us to some extent. Consuming an onion helps the body to weaken and destroy these parasites. Amazing isn’t it?
  • As delicious as a meal can be, or as tempting a delightful and scrumptious dessert can appear, the one thing that tends to stop people from treating themselves is an unfriendly guest called “cholesterol”. Most people suffer from cholesterol problems. High levels of cholesterols is the more popular one. Including onions in your regular diet can definitely help reduce your cholesterol levels.

Right from serious problems like vertigo all the way to determining the health conditions of your eyes and even your hair, onions are the closest thing you can have to natural treatments. So go ahead!! Try using onions in your diet and don’t even bother about any mythical odours that will make your loved ones run away. Remember, onions are good. In fact, onions are great!

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