Fruitful Facts

Did you know the juicy fruits we relish have amazing facts about them? Here’s your chance to get to know a few fruitful facts.

  • Every part of a banana plant is useful to us.
  • Melons and grapes grow on vines.
  • Jackfruit is one of the largest fruits!
  • Pineapple is one of the most popular tropical fruits. It is a useful source of vitamins.
  • All citrus fruits are rich sources of vitamin C and minerals. They can be eaten fresh or can be had as juices or as marmalade and some even as pickles J
  • Some fruits can be dried and eaten. Drying is the oldest way of preserving fruit. They have longer shelf life and are good for health. Just eat them as they are or use it in pudding, cakes or cereals!
  • Fruits are 100% bad-cholesterol free.
  • Evidences of planting watermelons date from the year 2000 BC in the Nile Valley. As the inconvenience of eating watermelons is trying to get read of their seeds, there are some seedless varieties where the number of seeds is substantially decreased.
  • There are 5 varieties of Watermelon, and the yellow watermelon is the one which is sweeter and more honey flavoured than the common red flashed watermelon.
  • Pomegranates are part of the global fruit industry and have extraordinary nutritional qualities hence they are called super fruits. Pomegranate is mentioned in the Bible as one of the seven fruits that Israel has been blessed with.
  • Dates’ seeds are grounded and used as an additive for coffee.
  • Chinese consider apricot as the symbol of education and medicine, since Confucius named it to his students.
  • Worldwide there are more than 1900 tones of apricots produced per year, and the leader in producing and commercialize them is Turkey.
  • Bananas are used in tropical countries as a major staple food, just as Europeans use potatoes; but bananas are far healthier than potatoes. Only 100 grams of banana flesh contains 22 rams of carbohydrates, more than 30% vitamin B, and 15% vitamin C, not to mention large amounts of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.
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