Deepika Padukone’s Favourite Food

She has the genes of an athlete, the eye of a doe, the skin of olives and a probable boyfriend who can buy her all of the above. The ravishing lady who went a long way from being the faux-military woman in a Himesh Reshamiya song to bringing Om shanti and playing badminton with saif’s heart in Arakshan.Looking immortal in a navy saree and a fuchsia blouse, we were not as surprised when we heard that she stole the biggest fish from the kingfisher family as we were when we heard that she eats dark chocolate all the time!!!
That’s right. Deepika Padukone loves dark chocolate and Thai food, and she is an avid fan of chocolate desserts! Well then, we think we have our dopes ready for a lovely meal.

Prawns in lemon juice

An easy starter to whet your Thai cravings!.. Read More

Nasi Goreng

A perfect main course for a Thai Food Lover,… Read More

Dark chocolate mousse

What better way to entertain those dark chocolate…Read More


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