Food for the Gods-Theobroma

If you wish for ‘Death by Chocolate’ a sure shot way is through ‘Food for the Gods’- Well that’s Theobroma in Greek. I was introduced to this ‘Chocolaty’ place by a friend who after a binge on cocoa came almost intoxicated and raved about everything there. So one Saturday evening we decided to go.

The deep brown wooden exteriors and interiors of the bakery reminded me of the Chocolate house in the fairy tale ‘Hansel & Gretel’ and the décor aptly goes with the items the place has to offer.

The bakery is pretty small with just around 7 to 8 tables. The display is enticing with brownies, melt-in-your-mouth-chocolates, different kinds of cakes, mousses, breads, croissants luring you equally.

We ordered for an ‘After-Eight’- a brownie covered in mint cream topped with loads of chocolate, a rum-and raisin brownie, and the Vodka Chili cheese cake- A yum cheese cake that leaves an after-taste of green chili- a very innovative recipe indeed. We also had a Bun-Patti-a huge burger bun with plenty of French fries and oodles of cheese. After munching our way through kilos of calories we washed it down with some cold coffee.

Knowing very well that we would crave for more the next 2 days after a mega dose of chocolate, we packed home some Millionaire brownies and Chocolate Silk (which were worth dying for), to ease out the withdrawal symptoms.

All items that we had ordered for were excellent. The bill came to around Rs 500 and was justifiable for the amount of gorging. I only wish they had a bigger place because on a crowded evening one would have to wait for long to get a table. Watch out for the special discounts after 9 pm on some items. A perfect place for chocolate maniacs and addicts and the place is truly worth its name- It’s truly divine.

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