Delicious Omelets at Thakur’s

If you are a resident of Mumbai’s western suburb, Goregaon, the irresistible aroma that floats in the air, in the evening, near the Station Bus stop, would sure be familiar. I first heard about it from my brother who just couldn’t stop raving about the omelets he had eaten and had gone overboard by eating 5 helpings of the same. So one evening I ventured to sample out the much famed Omelets at Thakur’s.

The place is simply called Thakur’s after the man who owns and makes the delicacies. The restaurant is a single wooden cart with a stove and 2-3 vessels for the ingredients. His short stature and don’t-care attitude on his face conceal his unique skill that has catapulted him to a status where the likes of Katrina Kaif- the Bollywood actress visit the dim, street corner to stand and eat.

There are just 4 items on the menu- Single fry, Double fry, single Omelet and double omelet, all served with Indian buns (pav) and sliced onions. Having heard that ‘No one can eat just one’- the ad line for Lay’s chips, applies to Thakur’s omelets as well, I started by ordering for a single fry. There were generous dollops of butter floating on the omelet and after one bite of the hot, aromatic omelet I knew it’s different. He uses a special masala for the omelets, the one he makes specially at home. It’s the masala that sets his stall apart from the rest. Savoring the delectable taste and strong smell of the dish I washed it down with some coke that’s also served and couldn’t resist ordering the second one. It was truly out of the world

Thakur’s is open from 6 pm to 11.30 pm and on any given day he gets around 150 customers. The price is Rs 20 and 40 for a single and double dish respectively. He has just one assistant to handle the increasing crowd and there’s no home delivery. He does give a parcel but the joy of the omelet is in eating it hot straight from the tava.

One try will see you frequenting the place and one serving is as good as a filling dinner.

How to reach Thakur’s:

The first right turn after the Goregaon West Bus stop. You’ll see a huge crowd around a cart and the mouth-watering aroma will tell you that’s it’s unmistakably the Thakur’s

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