Phulka Roti – Indian Bread

Phulka Roti

Every Indian meal is incomplete without Indian Breads, popularly known as Roti. Every household has a different way of making these roti’s. Gujarati’s make it small and thin, called Phulka Roti, while others make it thick and big. Phulka Roti’s are preferred by many because it is also healthy.


  •   50gm Whole Wheat flour
  •   20 gm Soya bean flour
  •    5ml Soya bean oil or 5ml olive oil
  •    A pinch of salt
  •    Water to make dough


  • Take the whole wheat and soya bean flour in a dish or vessel big enough, to be able to easily mix it within the vessel. Add both the oils and salt to it. Pour some water slowly in required quantities and make soft dough. Take little oil in the palm of your hand and apply it on the surface of the dough equally to make it smooth and even textured. Cover the dough for about half an hour and keep it aside. Then mix it well again. Make small parts of the dough and make round shapes from it, Take the rolling board and rolling pin. Apply some dry flour on the rolling board before rolling the dough into round shapes. This will avoid the dough to stick on the rolling board. The flour enables soft and smooth rolling resulting into dry round flat formations. Put these on a hot tava and turn it around in a few seconds. Turn it around twice. Once you see small light brown spots on one side, remove the tava and roast it directly on gas. It will rise up with air in it. See the picture for reference. Remove it immediately from the gas flame. Spread ½ or 1tsp ghee on it.  Keep the fulka in a container. Repeat the procedure for all other balls and store in the container.
  • Hot roti’s taste awesome and are eaten with vegetable, pulses or lentils in a meal. They can even be eaten as a snack with tea.


Wheat flour contains fibres, carbohydrates and vitamin ‘A’, soy flour is full of protein so very nutritious. This combination makes for a healthy and nutritious roti.


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