Toast, Baked Beans and Scrambled Eggs!

There’s something about a yummilicious wholesome breakfast; it gives a warm, welcoming and energetic feeling to the body. With toast, baked beans and scramble egg on my platter, I had my taste buds relishing a healthy protein content breakfast. Baked beans are, I bet, a perennial favourite breakfast item for those who love it simple, easy to make, and also a healthy breakfast.

Toast, Baked Beans and Scrambled Eggs!


  • Baked beans: 1 can/tin
  • Eggs: 2
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • Oil (very little)
  • Slices of bread
  • Butter (optional)

Method to make scramble eggs:

  • Heat little oil in a pan and spread it out with a ladle so that the pan is coated well with oil. This way the egg will not stick to the pan.
  • Crack the egg over the pan and allow to cook for few seconds. Then break it up with the ladle. Toss in some salt and pepper for taste. Continue to break up the egg till the egg is all scrambled up into pieces.
  • Scoop into a plate and serve hot.

Method for toast:

  • There are two different ways to serve the baked beans – on ordinary toast or on fried toast.
  • In the former case, all you have to do is put the two slices of bread in a toaster and wait for the toasts to pop when they are ready.
  • In the latter case, you can fry the bread slices in a frying pan. But be careful about the amount of oil/butter you use while frying – the less oil/fat used the better.

To serve:

If preferred cut the toast into four small portions and on the toast place the scramble egg and over the egg serve the baked beans. Also grated cheese could be sprinkled over the toast.

To note:

  • The baked beans can be obtained from a standard tin of baked beans; but once you have taken the portion you need, discard the tin and store the remaining baked beans in a glass/plastic container in the refrigerator. DO NOT store the left over baked beans in their original tin or container.
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