5 Foods to ask Someone out Over!

First you take her to coffee, then you take her to dine with you, then she searches the way to your heart via your stomach- ah! The undeniable power of food and its friendship with Affair de Couer!  This is spring and happy times and we couldn’t resist talking about 5 feel good foods that literally does the job for you when you are planning to ask someone one! If you are having 50 first dates, just rotate this, would ya!

To your aid:

Coffee: Okay, honestly, there is nothing or no other trick as good as asking for coffee to ask someone out. You might later come to know that he/ she doesn’t drink tea/ coffee at all, but it will do your work all right! With high caffeine content and of course a conversation fuel, cafeterias probably earn much more off little love birds than from serious coffee lovers.

Ice-creams: A: umm, and for you? B: let’s get your favorite. A: Well, lets get your favorite. B: Maybe one of each. Hah! There we go! Sweet home Alabama. A perfect way to start a conversation, cool her temper down when you are late and of course a whole lot of tête-à-tête.

Pizza: Another dating food that has got everyone involved. With that yummy cheese and olives and oregano and ripe tomatoes, pizza is a good thing to eat when you are in love. Try it on your first date. It has all the love from Italy.

Cookies: Whether you are baking it or simply buying it, cookies are a great way to start your evening, if you are inviting your date over at yours. If you are a man, your date will be instantly impressed. If you are a girl, your date will be impressed if it turns out well! You can also gift her cookies for taking your endeavor ahead.

Chocolates: We just had to come here, didn’t we? Gift her on the first day, order a fondue, share a bar- this omnipotent aphrodisiac does it all. Whether you are calling him for a date at your crib or you are going out for one. A bit of chocolate will render it complete.


if you read this and still procrastinating, you are sinner! Go out there and ask the cute ones out. And when you’ve done that, hoot us a hi. We’d love to listen all about that.




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