Cheese Day: The Chewy Delight

For all you cheese-lovers, there is actually a day made especially for you. Let this be a pleasant excuse to gorge on all the yummy, cheesy goodies that you can find. The best way to truly celebrate this day is to create a food schedule where the highlight is cheese! Gouda, Blue cheese, Cheddar, Ricotta, Mozzarella… we can go on and on!

The great thing about cheese is that it is one of the most flexible ingredients you can ever find, apart from the fact that it has great nutritional benefits. Eating cheese (in moderation) is good for you, as it will nourish you with protein, vitamins, minerals, calcium and fat. You can add it to almost anything and give it a creamy and tangy twist. So grate some on your morning toast, enjoy thin slices with juicy apples or add them to a regular casserole and enjoy!

To get you started, here are a few recipes.

leek-and-mustard-soup Cheese leek & Mustard soup


Guava cheese

Tofu-baked-with-cheese-and-Pesto Tofu baked with cheese and pesto

Macaroni-and-cheese1-510x340 Macaroni and Cheese

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