Hot Dogs: When you Crave For Tasty, Grab-n-Go Food

Hot dogs

We’ve had it at food joints, we’ve had it’s amateur version at home, we’ve even classified places that serves simply the best hot dogs in the world. But how many of us really have tried to make hot dogs at home?

Very simple to make or lets just say nothing but easy assembling, a hot dog is an all time favorite. Just mix up all the ingredients and you’re good to grab a meal that’s filling and tasty, if not entirely healthy.
We’re giving you the Classic Chicago Hot Dog recipe here- you can try variations as you like.

Hot Dogs


  • Vienna all-beef hot dogs: 8
  • Potatoes unpeeled and straight cut (3 inches long by 1/2-inch thick): 2 pounds
  • Hot dog buns: 8
  • Minced onions: 1 cup
  • Tomatoes, seeded: 1 cup
  • Yellow mustard: 1 cup
  • Sweet pickle relish: 1 cup
  • Sport peppers, to taste
  • Celery salt, to taste


  • In a pan, boil the hot dogs until they are plump.
  • Fry the potatoes until golden brown, season with salt and pepper.
  • Place the hot dogs in the buns and start topping the hot dogs with 2 tbsp of each: onions, tomatoes, mustard and relish.
  • Sprinkle sport peppers and celery salt.
  • Place each hot dog in the center of a piece of deli wrap and place the fries next to the hot dog.
  • Wrap the dog and the fries up tightly and serve.


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