Benefits of Sugarcane


Believe it or not, sugarcane actually is a form of grass. Sugarcane belongs to the Poaceae family and is native to warm temperate regions and tropical areas. Sugarcane can measure  up to 6 meters in height.

As we all know, sugarcane is a great source of sugar and currently is grown in more than 200 countries worldwide. Brazil and India are the leading producers of sugarcane. Sugarcane juices are rich source of energy and are equally delicious.

Let us have a look at the nutritional benefits of this wonder grass.

  • Sugarcane is low on glycemic index, keeps your body up to date.
  • Sugarcane juice cures sore throat, flu and cold. It does not have any sugar and can be enjoyed by diabetics. The intake must be under consideration if you are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.
  • The alkaline nature of sugarcane juice helps in fighting against a number of diseases and cancer. It is proven to be beneficial for prostate and breast cancer patients.
  • Sugarcane is considered as the best natural source of energy. It is rich in glucose and glycogen.
  • Sugarcane juice helps your body hydrate. So if you are out in sun for long and are constantly sweating, sugarcane juice can help you regain your energy quickly.
  • A study has revealed that sugarcane can strengthen your kidneys, heart, brain, eyes, stomach and sex organs.
  • Febrile disorders can be cured by sugarcane. Febrile disorders is a state of constant fever, wherein a human body loses proteins significantly.
  • Consuming sugarcane juice liberally can provide adequate proteins and other important nutrients to the body.

Sugarcane juices can be a better alternative to refined energy drinks. The infinite advantages of sugarcane can help you in maintaining sound health.


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