Radish Ramp



As carrotish a radish may look, it is totally different and is healthier than carrots. This white tubular root, a purple spherical root, a black spherical root and even the red tubular root, believe it or not are all radishes. However, the white ones are the most popular! Lets see what this does:

Treat the yellow with some white: Radish is very good for the stomach and the liver and it is a very good detoxifier (it purifies the blood). It helps in the treatment of jaundice to a great extent because it removes and checks the production of bilirubin. It checks on the destruction of the RBC’s by producing fresh oxygenated blood to the cells.

  • Radish away to a perfect shape: If you have radish in your diet, your meal is going to be filling and it cuts away the overeating and hence, rushing you into a perfect shape.
  • Cancer prance: Radish is rich in vitamin C, folic acid and anthocyanins and it is also a very good detoxifier ( as stated earlier) and hence, it can cure many types of cancers, namely colon cancer.
  • Cya, fever!: Radish with a pinch of black pepper brings down the body temperature and dulls the inflammation caused due to fever. Since, it is a disinfectant, it also fights infection, causing the fever and therefore, relieving us from it.
  • A lot more: Radish acts as an appetizer, breathe freshener, metabolism regulator and also helps you to get rid of your nasty headache.

Do you need more reasons to eat a mouth ravishing radish? Its time for you to see the change in you with every diet rich in radish content!

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