History and benefits of turnip

Turnip and it’s varieties all over the world is known by many names. The botanical name being Brassica rapa or Campestris rapa. Though it has been used since time immemorial, not much of documentation about it is available. Initially it has been used as cattle feed and fodder, and during those times the nature of turnips were far different from the present day turnips. Basically turnips available today are heart-shaped, white on the lower half while the top may be green, red or purple. It is a root that survives the hardships of a famine when left underground, only to sprout when the climate is favourable. It grows in all types of climates even in the freezing cold of Russia.

Turnips contain a large quantity of water, sufficient calories, protein, carbohydrates, fibre, sugar, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, large quantities of potassium, sodium, vitamin C, folate and also a large quantity of potassium and lutein.

Consuming turnips:

  • help in maintaining a good physique as there is no excess fat and minimum calories
  • curbs free radicals and destructive oxidation in the body
  • lowers obesity risk
  • controls high blood pressure,
  • prevents diabetes
  • prevents abdominal, pancreatic, and colorectal  cancers
  • improves lung condition
  • provides a high nutrition required for the all round development  of the body
  • improves the muscular development
  • Prevents cataract and cardio vascular disease.
  • It improves health in cases of rheumatoid arthritis and atherosclerosis.
  • building strong bones and teeth.

Turnips when cooked give an aroma similar to radishes. The greens are very nutritive. It is used in soups, puffs, custards, while turnip cakes and steamed turnips are very popular. Besides adding a variety to the recipes, turnips add to the nutrition your family could get in a very simple way.

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