Health sticks or drumsticks?

Some of you may love the flavour in some of your curries. That’s your drumstick for you. Like a magic wand it strikes magic into your curries, especially for that little South Indian touch. This stick does wonders to your tongue and health. “Health? How?”, you may ask, so here are a few valuable information about drumsticks:The juice made with the leaves of the drumsticks helps in strengthening the bones, so it’s often given to infants.

  1. A drumstick soup is extremely helpful for curing respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, etc.
  2. A spoon full of its leaves with some honey and a glass of coconut water is a sure cure for any digestive problems.
  3. Ladies, its time you paid attention. The juice of these and lime is an extremely effective way of getting rid of your pimples and black heads and keeps ones face fresh.
  4. During pregnancy, be sure to take this tonic to provide your child with sufficient calcium, irons and minerals. It also puts off chances of any kind of complications later on during your pregnancy.
  5. A soup made from drumstick flowers is beneficial in the functional sterility in both men and women.
  6. A soup of the drumstick leaves, flowers and also the fruit helps in the prevention of all kinds of infections.
  7. A spoonful of the juice out of its leaves mixed with a glass of cucumber or carrot juice helps in the cure of urinary disorders.

So, now you know how it helps you. Do your body a favour and manipulate your brain to eat them regularly!

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