Benefits of the Bilva Fruit or Stone Apple

The roots, skin, leaves and the fruits of the Bilva or Stone Apple tree are used for various medicinal purposes. It’s excellent for cleansing and toning the intestines and helps in evacuating old collected faecal contents from the bowels. A mixture of the unripe fruit along with some ginger and fennel is a supposed cure for hemorrhoids. The juice extracted from its leaves and given with honey reduces fever. The leaves, roots and bark can treat snakebite

This plant has antibiotic properties. The leaves if used as a hot fomentation soothe inflammations. It is considered helpful in the treatment of Vitiligo. . It has a high content of tannin that makes it very useful for curing dysentery and cholera. In stomatitis, gargling with the decoction of its bark skin are beneficial.  The roots are extremely useful in curing insomnia, seizures, and hysteria. The decoction of the roots can be given with great benefit, as a complementary herb, in typhoid fever.

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