Carrots are divine, you get a dozen for a dime!

Carrots are divine, you get a dozen for a dime!

“C for carrot” say the kids in the primary section, the most popular vegetable in the human race, I must say! It is amazing to taste and as moms may say all the time, “It’s good for your eyes”!Ever heard of beta carotene (basically, vitamin A)? It is found in abundance in carrots and hence, it’s actually good for your eyes. But how come our moms forgot to tell us about everything else a carrot can do? Well, maybe they did not know, so you take this information I am going to let out and carry it down the generations to come.

  1. The most important and famous reason, yet again: it’s good for your eyes! The vitamin A in it helps the retina in its functioning to avoid night blindness.
  2. Beat cancer with a carrot beet. Carrots contains a compound called falcarinol which contain anti-cancer properties.
  3. Resourceful information says that 7 ounces of carrot can reduce cholesterol by 11%. Ain’t that really beneficial?
  4. Acne and skin problems are very common among people, given the times we live in with the utmost pollution problems. Now, this healthy vegetable can help you get rid of that annoying problem of yours, thanks to its cleansing properties.
  5. Carrot also helps in curing obesity, gum disease, Alzheimer and urinary infection!
  6. Good news for women who hit 30. Go bugs bunny and look younger while you are actually growing older because carrots also have anti-aging properties in them.
  7. If you are a new mama, then munch on this to enhance your child’s growth because these enhance the quality of milk.
  8. Get a carrot juice to kill that fatigue instead of an energy drink. It happens to be healthier, tastier and also more effective.
  9. A simple carrot paste can cure wounds, cuts or inflammations.
  10. Carrot soup is a remedy for diarrhea cause it calms down the bowel and retards bacterial development.

So get some orange in your diet and grow from pretty to prettier, healthy to healthier and wise to wiser!

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