Bring on the brinjals!

Did you know that brinjal (eggplant) was not a vegetable but a fruit? Did you know that tobacco and brinjal were cousins? Yes, they share a family, the nightshade (Solanacene) family and yes, brinjal also contains tobacco though at a very low extent but don’t worry it does not have effect on your health. It’s not just tobacco and brinjal that share the same family name but also capsicums, tomatoes and potatoes! Everybody knows that like any other fruit, brinjals also have there own benefits. So here I am listing it out to you just in case you happened to not know any of it.

  1. The most famous way of cooking a brinjal to get a out of the ordinary taste, by roasting it with some salt put into it happens to be the cure to heavy phlegm and wind humor of the body.
  2. If you own a restaurant, make sure you recommend a brinjal soup, it happens to increase the appetite and maybe also your profits!
  3. Annoyed with an insomniac friend?  Not to worry, a few days of soft and baked brinjal with honey in your friends diet is a sure cure!
  4. If you are not long away from the formation of your kidney stones, then the consumption of these brinjals is sure to break through and destroy them.
  5. Get your spleen back in shape when you hit malaria with some brinjal and raw sugar in the mornings.
  6. Take your vitamins A and B to your plate in the eggplant form because, eggplants are high in vitamins.

If you happened to have a regular brinjal consumption in your diet then don’t worry about your health chart. This egg shaped fruit happens to be anti-diabetic and a cholesterol regulator, all thanks to its low calorie content. It contains as little cholesterol as 16mg. There is no particular way of cooking an eggplant. It can be grilled, roasted, barbecued, fried or even boiled. It can be cooked alone or with many other vegetables, it is tasty anyway.

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