Bean it up!

As the name suggests, the kidney beans are actually kidney-shaped! They are dark red beans that readily absorb the surrounding flavours, holding their shape throughout. Having a strong flavour, the kidney-shaped beans are versatile and blend beautifully in simmered dishes. They can easily gel with any ingredient of all hot and cold recipes and are a perfect make for amazing seasoning. Adding an excellent texture too, these beans are grown in many locations and are usually sold in canned or dry varieties.Now lets get to the science part! Kidney-shaped beans are scientifically known as Phaseolus Vulgaris. There are other varieties such as pinto beans, black beans, white beans and navy beans. The migrating Indians brought them along from Peru and these beans are also found throughout Central and South America. Countries like Africa, Asia, Spain, China, Brazil and Indonesia grow their varieties too.

Every ingredient has its nutritional value and kidney beans are not far behind! Let us have a look at what these beans offer.

  1. Rich in fibre, they play an active role in lowering cholesterol levels and hence are good to go.
  2. These cute looking deep red beans prevent rise in blood sugar levels after a meal and hence are a good choice for individuals suffering from hypoglycemia, diabetes or insulin resistance.
  3. Beans regulate functions of the colon, preventing piles and other bowel problems.
  4. The black ones have antioxidant properties that efficiently helps you in being less prone to different types of cancer.
  5. Blood pressure problems can also be solved with a few spoons of this healthy ingredient. Instead of going to a chemist for blood pressure tablets, go to a vendor and buy a packet of beans, you will be all sorted!
  6. Constipation and acidity problems can also be prevented with beans.
  7. Ladies, this one is for you! Those of you who have weight issues should stop visiting the gym and have boiled beans. It will surely help you in staying fit and slim.

High in nutrition, beans help in solving health problems and taste great. What else can you ask  for!! Make beans a part of your diet and witness all the wonders that these beans do for you!

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