Avocado, a fruit-cum-vegetable

Is it round or pear shaped? Well, figuring out avocado can be confusing as both types are available in the market. Reed, Gwen, Bacon and Hass are some of the varieties of avocados. Widely known as a vegetable for its use in salads, avocado is a fruit in reality with a vegetable kind of taste. The wide range of usage makes Avocado a popular ingredient. From salads to the ever popular guacamole, avocados are everywhere. Be it desserts, breads or main dishes, avocados have turned into a favourite experimental ingredient with chefs. Given its wide usage, it is not unusual to find avocado being used in beauty products and massage parlours as well.Nutritional factor

It ranks way too high in the nutritional list with good content of vitamin C and E. Though it is regarded as a high fat stuff, it is of mono-unsaturated type, which makes it low on cholesterol levels.

Troubled with diabetes?

Here’s some good news for people suffering from type 2 diabetes and those who find it hard to resist their sweet tooth. Desserts made of avocados can be consumed without a worry. So go ahead and include avocado in the diabetes meal plan.

Underweight babies? No more an issue

If you have an underweight baby with nutrients deficiency, there is nothing better than avocado to try out. High fat content is a concern if you are someone trying hard to lose weight, but certainly not for a growing baby. Good source of protein, niacin, fibre, zinc and folic acid, omega 3 fatty acids ( minus sodium)   makes avocado an ideal choice for babies (aged 6 months and above) troubled with underweight issues.

Avocado may not be much known in popular circles, but it is time you get started reaping its nutritional benefits much likely to match your taste buds.

Try some Avacado recipes that will enhance your dishes


Guacamole and salsa vegetable wraps


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