All about ‘Sprouts’

Sprouts have been considered as high quality food since ancient times. They are the most nutritious and also the cheapest form of food around. Sprouting is a process of germination, its during this time that the dormant enzymes become active. A seed is like a treasure-house, it holds in it proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

The amount of vitamins which can be assimilated by the body increases dramatically upon sprouting. All those stored minerals are set free so that they can be absorbed easily. The most significant part is that the minerals and vitamins are greatly increased, especially vitamin C which is very helpful for the body. Also on sprouting the beans, it loses the gas producing quality thus making it easily digestible.

WHAT TO SPROUT? – This often is the question we find most of us asking. Well generally all edible grains, seeds and legumes can be sprouted. Below I have mentioned a few which are usually used for sprouting.

  • Grains: wheat, maize, ragi, bajra, barley etc.
  • Seeds: alfalfa, raddish, fenugreek, carrot, coriander, pumpkin, musk-melon etc.
  • Legumes: green gram, Bengal gram, groundnut, peas, soya bean etc.

So go healthy and add these nutritive sprouts to your diet. An article on ‘how to sprout’ will follow soon so keep reading!

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