1CommonPlate: Cinnamon and Pear Crumble by Tammy Mc.Leod

Cinnamon Pear crumble

One common plate is all it takes to bridge a gap. At least, that is the thinking of the progressive folks at Slurrpy, where during the month of December, they are highlighting 10 women across the globe who are blogging about food. We’re of different ilk. We work in different kitchens. We use different recipes. Yet, this month, we’ll collectively focus on the same ingredients to bring you a concrete example of the power of diversity to create a collective response.

Slurrpy, after my own heart, is focused on the common folk who works long hours and comes home to a busy house and without a lot of kitchen training or expertise, manages to throw down a meal. This month, our action of throwing down that dish is symbolic of the fact that small actions conducted with great love can translate to big differences. We are of one globe. We use the same ingredients further clarifying that we are, in fact, of one another. This week, we focus on cinnamon and pears. I love this crumble since it is a quick, 15 minute recipe!

Cinnamon has an ancient history both as a spice and as a medicine. It is the brown bark of a tree, which is grounded and humble. Pears show evidence as a food since prehistoric times and made their cookbook debut in 4 or 5 AD. They are sleek and succulent. The combination of pungent powder and slippery sweetness is not a modern innovation. There are many delightful combinations of the two and while several may find their way to my table, I wanted to stay true to the intent of Slurrpy with something that can be created quickly. This was done after a long day at the office. Mesquite flour introduced into this recipe is an homage to local food and was milled from the mesquite trees that grow in my yard.


Cinnamon and Pear Crumble


  • Sliced almonds: 2 tbsp
  • Mesquite flour (regular flour will work if you can’t get mesquite): 1/2 cup
  • Light brown sugar: 3 tbsp
  • Ground cinnamon: 1 tsp
  • Orange zest: 1 tsp
  • Vanilla extract: 1/2 tsp
  • Butter: 3 tbsp
    Large pears, peeled and cut into 1/8ths: 4
  • Dried cranberries: 1/2 cup



  • Preheat oven to 350F. Spray your cast-iron skillet with cooking spray.
  • Toast almonds in separate skillet for 4-5 min over medium heat or until browned. Cool.
  • Grind almonds in a food processor until they are coarse crumbs. Add the mesquite flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, orange zest and vanilla extract. Pulse. Add butter and pulse until the mixture is combined.
  • Spread the pears over the bottom of a prepared skillet. Scatter cranberries over the pears. Top with the crumb mixture. Bake at 45-55 min, or until top has browned.


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