Café Latte

No descriptions required. Café latte is undoubtedly the most laid back, chilled out, luxurious, rich, foamy, yummy and all that coffee. I’ve never had Kopi Luwak, actually, I don’t think I will ever, owing to the fact that it actually comes from the poop of Luwaks, (yucks) but café latte, yeah! That is 100% my poison.

I know. I know, what you are looking for. The recipe. Follow me.


  • Strong coffee/ Instant coffee
  • Milk
  • A large cup
  • An electric milk whisker
  • Sugar
  • A coffee maker



  • Brew half a cup of coffee.
  • Heat half a cup of milk. Do not boil it. Heat it just a little warmer than warm. Ideally, when you see little bubbles start appearing. If you are doing it in a microwave, 30 seconds.
  • Add 2 tbsp of sugar.
  • Now whip it.
  • The milk and sugar will form a foam.
  • To the foam, add the coffee, without disturbing the foam. This you can achieve by pouring the coffee down slowly by the side of the cup.
  • Stir your latte under the foam with milk whiskery. You can also make nice patterns on the foam.

Pretty easy.
Serves: One.

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