John Abraham’s Favorite Food

John Abraham

We know he is everyone’s favorite. But what is his is what we are all about! After Bipasha he swears that he likes Karela, Palak Daal and Dhansak. Ahem…the former not just as food. Don’t blame us, we see a goat and we think steak.


But anyway, this handsome hunk who likes to even measure his skin tones and looks like a big beef guy is actually quite simple with his food: He likes veggies. We like people like this who are not too fussy about eating and proudly proclaim what they love. I mean so what you are a celeb. As long as you eat to live, you are at the same pedestal as we are. And John, being his humble self easily let off his food love. We love you John. You are a good man. We really do.So, let’s dig in his digs today, shall we?


Karela in Tomato Juice

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Palak Dal

A sindhi specialty that has the world by tongue.Read More


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