Rajdhani: A Taste of Authentic Gujarati Thaali

The Inorbit, Malad branch of the Rajdhani, being just a stone’s throw away from my home, I take almost all my friends at least once for a treat there. And after every meal, while we struggle to stand on our feet and walk down the mall, we resolve never to come back to the place, because no matter how much you try, you end up overeating.

The ambience is a blend of traditional and modern with Gujarati Rural crafts and art beautifully laid in perfect lighting and colors. The waiters are all dressed in traditional Gujarati trousers and a short Kurta with a skirt like flair.

I’m yet to come across a service as good as in Rajdhani, Malad. The manager welcomes you with a warm smile and shows you your table. Then comes the gigantic thali, and then before you realize what’s happening, your plate is full of curries, puran poli, khadvi, dhokla, chunda, farsan, kadhi, saag, roti, etc (phew!!) The sight of the thali, with 7-8 different bowls filled with aromatic Gujarati cuisine is a not only a feast for the stomach but also for the eyes and the nose.

You get to choose the dessert you want, which is typically gulab jamun, shrikhand, moong dal halwa (out of the world) malai sandwich and the seasonal aam ras which is just yumm!! The serving is unlimited the service is ultra prompt. The waiters who are allotted to serve different dishes on different days come and present themselves every 2 minutes. They also communicate amongst themselves via a sign language, each dish and instruction having a different sign. The seating arrangement too is comfortable. Another favorite of mine there is the flavored buttermilk. I usually drink at least 3 glasses of it and it makes your stomach feel a little light after the loads of calories consumed.

After you finish your meal, you are offered a receptacle while someone pours warm water for you to wash your hands. A true representative of the much talked about Gujarati hospitality.

The price of the thali is Rs 175 on weekdays and Rs 200 on weekends (better to check as it might have changed recently). Near the exit is a bell and whoever likes the food can ring the bell, in response to which all the staff exclaim in chorus ‘Aao Jo’, which means ‘see you again’. I would definitely rate the Rajdhani, Malad a 5 on 5 for it excels in all aspects, the food, the hygiene, service, quality, etc. However I had visited the Rajdhani at Connaught Place, Delhi and it was a disaster. It was no where close to Gujarati food. On the other hand the food was spicy, and the waiters just loitered aimlessly and I had to wait for a good 7 minutes before the dish I had requested was brought and that too after 3 reminders. Probably the management needs to standardize their quality across all branches.


InOrbit Mall, Mindspace, Link Road, Malad (W), Mumbai

Phone: 28780044, 28780022

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