Mocha- Coffee & Conversations!!

This is bang opposite the Juhu beach and is the place to be for all coffee and chocolate lovers who’d like to relax and chat away as the name suggests. What I like best about this place is the décor. It’s very unconventional but yet has it’s own appeal. It’s a pretty spacious joint, with chocolate wooden interiors giving it a very relaxed look. The couches, tables, lanterns and everything is very asymmetrical and distinct in shape and design but lends a very artistic touch to it.  
The coffee menu is exhaustive and has a wide range of coffees from across the world right from Brazilian to Irish. They also serve the quintessential Bun Maska and Chai as well for the hardcore Irani cafe fans.
The Shakes they serve are the yummiest I have ever had and the chocolate flavors are to die for. You have the Lindt Chocolate shake, Ferrero Roccher shake, After Eight choco shake, Black Forest shake etc. I was especially floored by the Lindt shake and the Chocolate Avalanche. Another must try is Paninis, the Italian version of sandwiches which was excellent with potato chips.
Mocha is also popular for its hookahs. You get the alcoholic and the non-alcoholic in varying flavors such as vanilla, apple, etc. People going there for breakfast can opt for omelets with potato wedges, toast and baked beans.

Definitely a must visit for couples, and friends!! Bon Appetite


67, Juhu Tara Road, Opposite Ramada Palm Grove, Juhu, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai

Phone: 26175495

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