Chokhi Dhani- Jaipur: For a Royal Rajasthani Dinner!!

Visitors to Jaipur might not miss going to Chokhi Dhani- a simulation of a Rajasthani village setting. From the main city it’s around 20 km away. One of the main attractions there is the Rajasthani thali which is simply unforgettable. We were led into the dining hall also called Sangri where mouth watering and typical Rajasthani food is served to you on a leaf platter on low tables and one is required to squat on the floor and eat.  The interiors are dimly lit with electric lanterns hanging every few feet away. Apart from Sangri there is another dining hall specially known for its shape – Chaupad Jeeman Ghar. This has four straight rows meeting at center with each row having a 20 persons’ sitting capacity.

All the staff is dressed in traditional Rajasthani attire with turbans. I day I went the menu consisted of choorma, salad, some fried beans, green chutney, dal  bati, gate ki subzi, sarson ka saag, a pumpkin curry, bajre ka rotla, makai k roti, 2 tiny bowls of white butter, garlic chutney, and khichdi. The waiter stopped only after pouring 7 spoons of ghee on my plate in spite of me protesting. The khichdi tasted awesome with the ghee and sugar. For dessert there was melt-in the mouth malpua, so far the best that I’ve tasted. However the dal bati could have tasted better since I’ve eaten better versions of it in Rajdhani. They serve pretty swiftly. Water is served in earthen pots. All items were made in pure ghee. One thing that I noticed here is that in spite of eating so much your tummy doesn’t feel bloated like it does after eating thalis in some other restaurants. At the end of the meal, the waiters offer to click your pictures posing in their turbans.
For washing hands there is an earthen pot kept outside the dining area with a tap.
The rates are Rs 350 per head which is the entry fee inclusive of dinner.
A must do in your list if you visit Jaipur.

Chokhi Dhani – Ethnic Village Resort
12 Miles, Tonk Road, Via Vatika, Jaipur
Tel: +91-141-277 0555, 277 0556

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