All Stir Fry: An Amazing Wok!!

We went to All Stir Fry with a few friends and have decided to be more regular there. As soon as you enter you’re greeted by the ambience of the place. It has a nice casual setting in the first floor at Gordon House with beautiful interiors and a lavish use of glass and pristine white. There are a couple of huge screens where one can relax and catch up on sports. The wooden benches and home styled couches too are very comfortable.

The staff is very courteous and prompt. When birthdays are celebrated they usually sign a Birthday card and give it to the person making it special.

They have the concept of a live kitchen where you get to see what’s being made. The main attraction is the Wok counter where you can choose your ingredients and sauces and have them stir fried right before you.
The service is good but could be slow especially on crowded days. The menu has a lot of variety. There a good variety of noodles like Mandarin Noodles, Cantonese noodles, Rice ribbon noodles, pan fried noodles etc, and for curries there are options like Thai curry, Massaman Phak, Malayasian Red Lamb Curry, etc and for rice lovers there’s Chinese Mushroom rice, Indonesian fried rice, Mongolian fried rice, etc. For the wok you can choose from spring onions, zuchini, babycorn, spinach, topped with tofu/paneer or your choice of meat.  The good part is that they use different woks and utensils for Veg and Non-veg. You just have to move to the section where you choose your sauce and hand over the bowl to your chef who will stir fry your veggies in your selected sauce.

Even the sauce varieties are plenty to choose from – mild to very spicy, sour, etc. What you get back in your bowl is a delicious mix of your favorite veggies & meat in your sauce – made hot & fresh in front of you. You can make as many trips to the wok as you can! I tried out the Phad Thai (ribbon noodles with chopped peanuts), Temple rice (Mongolian rice with veggies), Fruit Fritters and Massaman Phak (Eggplants in Thai curry) and all were excellent.

At the end of it you are offered their “fortune cookies” which are yummy too!! The bill for two comes to around Rs 800-900. Definitely a must-eat restaurant!!

All Stir Fry
The Gordon House Hotel, 5, Battery Street, Apollo Bunder, Colaba, Mumbai

Phone: 22871122

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