Aaswad- Perfect Taste of Maharastrian Cuisine.

All my visits to the Siddhivinayak Temple in Mumbai were wound up invariably by a visit to Aaswad Upahar and Mithai Grih, a stone’s throw away from the Shiv Sena Bhavan in Dadar. It’s one of the few restaurants in Mumbai that serves authentic Maharashtrian vegetarian food.

I must admit that over the 30 + visits to the place, I’ve sampled everything on the menu and the waiters too recognize me now I love Maharashtrian food but here’s what I would recommend at Aaswad. For starters go in for Thalipeeth, which is served with sweetened curd.  The Kothmir Vadi is good too but a bit too oily. There are other options like Sabudana Vada or better still opt for the mouth watering batata vada served with dry garlic chutney.
Aaswad is more for snacks yet you can sample a few main courses like Pithala Bhakri (pancakes made of rice and bajra served with Gram flour gravy) and Bharali Wangi (stuffed Brinjal in spicy gravy). Another option is Puri bhaji or Dalimbi Usal with chapattis.

For desserts, I always opt for Puran poli which is served with Sweetened milk and it’s out of the world. Other options are Dudhi halva (bottle gourd halva), shrikhand, kharvas or Piyush (flavored lassi).
Whenever I go I usually order around 3-4 items and the bill has never exceeded Rs 125. It’s definitely a value for money restaurant. The ambiance is no frill and decent and many times you might have to share your table with others as evenings are always crowded. So go early and catch your table. The waiters are prompt and clean. Overall it’s been one of my all time favorites.
Adjacent is the Mithai Grih from where you can pick up Maharashtrian snacks like Shakar pala, Gud Poli, Chakali, etc.

Aaswad Upahar and Mithai Grih

252, Wavda Bldg. Gadkari Chowk, L J Road, Dadar (W), Mumbai
Ph no: 24451871

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