Ribbon Pakodam

Ribbon Pakodam has always been part of bakshanam (Tamilian word for snacks and sweets made for festivals).  It’s called ribbon pakodam because it looks like a tangled mass of ribbon when prepared. Here of course it in the picture, I’ve broken it up into smaller peices. It is addictive in the sense you don’t realize when you finish the entire plate or packet of pakodam while relishing and focusing on its crunchy notes. Last week I had visited a lady in the neighborhood who runs a home industry by making items for the bakshanam and selling it and that included the ribbon pakodam. With a view to share the recipe with all readers, I requested her to allow me to take a peep into her kitchen while her assistants were making it and also to give me the recipe. She gladly obliged. Though I haven’t tried this out because I have a large stock at home now, I’m sharing the recipe with you. I would be trying it out as soon as my current stock gets over. Do let me know how it turns out.


•    2 cups Rice Flour
•    1 cup Besan
•    Water for the dough
•    2 tsp Red Chili Powder
•    2 tsp Salt
•    1 tsp Asafetida powder
•    3 tsp Butter
•    Oil for frying
•    In a bowl, add the rice flour, besan, butter, asafetida, red chili powder and salt and mix it thoroughly
•    Add water little by little and knead into a stiff dough
•    The dough should be firm but moist.
•    Heat oil in a pan on medium flame
•    Put a big lump of the dough into the hand press (specially used for this recipe) and when the oil is hot enough, slowly press out the dough on to the oil in to a circle.
•    Fry till both sides are golden brown
•    Remove and drain excess oil on kitchen tissue paper
•    Store in an air tight container and enjoy with tea or coffee.

Preparation time: 45 minutes

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