Multigrain Masala Vada

I hear a lot of mothers complaining that their kids do not eat nutritious food and only like to eat junk food. All mothers at some point in time cheat with the food to make their children eat nutritious food. This has also enabled me to experiment and learn a lot of new recipes that are tasty and at the same time nutritious. Here, I have shared the recipe of an all time favorite food amongst children, vadas.However, these are and pardon me from using this cliché word, innovative vadas, which is a sheer combination of taste and health.


•50gms wheat flour

•50gms nachni flour

•50gms bajri flour

•50gms jawar (maize flour)

•50gms makai (corn) flour

•50gms soy flour

•50gms gram ( besan- chana ) flour

•4 tbsp cooking oil for mixing all the flours

•Cooking oil for frying vada

•1tbsp ginger paste

•1tbsp green chilli paste

•2 to3 tbsp chopped fenugreek leaves

•Salt to taste

•2tsp turmeric powder

•2tsp red chilli powder

•250gms curd

•2 tbsp sugar powder optional


Mix all of the above mentioned flours in a broad deep vessel. Add oil, all spices, chopped fenugreek leaves, and salt to the same. Mix well.  Add curd to it. Add some sugar powder if you prefer a hint of sweetness in your food. Once mixed cover it and keep it for half an hour. Then, mix it well again. If required add some water to make dough similar to that of soft Phulka roti / Indian breads dough.

Start heating oil in a frying pan. Remove small portions of dough and make round shapes of the dough. Press a little into each of these round shapes and make a hole in the middle such that it looks like a mini doughnut / medu vada. Insert one by one in the boiling hot oil. Fry them till they are golden brown in color. Once done, remove a few in a plate. These can be served with garlic chutney and / or tomato ketchup. This snack can be kept in a container once they cool down and can be preserved and eaten within 15 days.

With a combination of vitamin, minerals and proteins, this is one snack that you can afford to eat without worrying much

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