Roasted Wheat Crispies / Whole wheat Khakra

This is for all the health and diet conscious people out there. I know a lot of friends who are struggling to lose weight and are conscious of their snacking habbits. They end up starving and then eating large quantities in meals. This makes them end up putting on more weight. It is rather advisable to eat frequently but eat small quantities and the right kind of food. These roasted wheat crispy is a great munchy and can be eaten between meals as a snack or with vegetables in meals.


  •     100gms Whole wheat flour
  •     20gms soy flour
  •     ¼ tsp salt, 10ml cooking oil
  •     Water
  •     some dry wheat flour


  • Take Wheat flour, Soy flour and oil in a large dish or vessel that is big enough for easily mixing them. Pour some water and keep mixing the flours. Water should be in a limited quantity that is required to make soft dough like that of phulka roti. If you want thin khakhras then make slight softer dough with little more water than what you would use for roti. Take little oil in the palm of your hand and apply it on the surface of the dough equally to make it smooth and even textured. Cover the dough for about half an hour and keep it aside. Then mix it well again. Make small parts of the dough and make round shapes from it..  Apply some dry wheat flour on it. Also sprinkle some dry what flour on the rolling board and the rolling pin to be able to easily roll the round dough parts into round flat shapes. Make it thinner then normal roti. Put these on a hot tava and turn it around in a few seconds. Turn it around twice, while turning third and fourth time press it lightly with a thick cloth. Keep rotating it with the the cloth while applying very light pressure. Once, both sides are wheatish brown, remove them from the tava.Make the rest of the Khakras in a similar fashion
  • Sprinkle some chaat masala to make it tasty or it can be served plain with milk, tea or coffee.
  • Goodness of Whole wheat Khakras
  • This is a healthy snack with less calories.


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