Instant Nutri Feed

Instant Nutri Feed

Instant nutri feed as the name suggests is a nutritious and easy to make instant breakfast. I usually stir-up this instant feed for my child, when I am running short of time, but then to ensure that she has a healthy meal I include the dahlia (lapsy/ broken wheat) and groundnut powder. Apart from these two nutritive ingredients, banana and a little jaggery are also added. The jaggery and banana adds to the sweetness of the dish; also this ensures that the kid gets her/his share of a nutritive fruit.

To break- free from the usual junk food or oily stuff that we eat, this instant feed can also be served for the rest of the family.


Here is the recipe for the Instant Nutri feed…


  • 2tbsp roasted dahlia
  • 1 tbsp roasted groundnuts coarse powder
  • 15 gms jaggery
  • 1 ripe banana slit into halves
  • 30 ml milk


  • Grind dahlia and coarse ground nut powder together to get a fine powder.
  • In a vessel mix with it jaggery and milk .Adjust consistency with milk. Cook on slow flame stirring all the while, till it thickens; indicating that the contents are cooked.
  • Slice the slit banana into thin slices. Add the sliced bananas to the mix once it attains normal temperature and it is ready to serve.

Preparation Time: Less than 10 minutes

Makes: one bowl (medium size)

Method for preparing the instant feed in a microwave:

  • Grind dahlia and coarse ground nut powder together to get a fine powder.
  • In a vessel mix with it jaggery and milk. Microwave for 30 seconds without lid. Adjust consistency with milk.
  • Add mashed bananas or round thin slices once the mix attains normal temperature to feed the child.

Preparation Time: 1 minute


  • Dahlia and Groundnut can be roasted, ground and stored in an air-tight container, for use as and when required.
  • To make the feed sweeter and appealing to the child, dribble a tsp of honey over the nutri feed.
  • Also fruits like chopped pieces of apple (stewed and mashed (if infant)) and small pieces of papaya (ground to a fine paste- for infants) can be added to the feed.
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