Beach Cocktails from Around the World: Served Fresh

It’s summer here in the Indian coast and we are getting much too sun to soak up than needed. With summer holidays just around the corner, its time for the big folks to let their hair loose and drench themselves in some saltwater. We are talking about a beach vacation. Totally.

And what can Slurrpy do to make your beach-experience even more enticing? Well, we’ll give you a handy page of beach drinks from around the world so that you can order that daiquiri more confidently, without wondering if you’ll like it. Here is the guide to few real summery beach drinks that will give your sun-tanned senses some air.

Let’s start from donde nosotros pertenecemos. India.

Gin and Tonic, India: A combination that was first brought to existence to nullify the bitter taste of Gin and also was said to have anti malarial properties; nothing can beat Gin and Tonic with a wedge of lime. Not the mainstay of the tropics for no reason.

Margarita, Mexico: Combating the mesh of stories regarding its origin, here’s a nice tart refreshment from the tropics but from a different longitude. Consisting of tequila, cointreau, and lime juice and served in a glass rimmed with salt, Margarita is Mexico’s patent drink and also the top selling tequila cocktail in the world.

Piña Colada, Puerto Rico: Let’s hover around the country for a while shall we? After all, how could we not when we havent mentioned Pina Colada from Puerto Rico. A delicious mix of pineapple, coconut, and rum this drink is absolutely Caribbean.

Caipirinha, Brazil: We’ll tell you the key ingredients and you decide whether to leave without trying it. Its  sugar, lime, and cachaça—an alcohol that you get from fermented sugarcane juice. We knew you couldn’t miss them. A fine drink to chill with, the most popular Caipirinha is Caipifrutas which as it sounds accents the drink with the seasonal fruits like mango, kiwi etc.

Daiquiri, Cuba: Rum + lime + sugar = Complete Caribbean bliss. Named after a beach near Santiago, Cuba (Yes, the old man and the sea, same beach) this trio is an unbeaten hit.

Limoncello, Italy: Heading up north, where the olives grow under the Tuscan sky, here’s a drink thats refreshing in itself without any mix. It all started with surplus lemons in Italy; farmers soaked the peels in grain alcohol and poured sugar to make a new digestive drink.  There you are: the sweet tart digetivo, Limoncello.

Cape Codder, Massachusets: A vodka drink with cranberry juice, this is actually a cool drink even if it has Vodka in it!

So go on, we’ll see you when we see you. Soak up some sun and sand.


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