Oh, we all like to know a tad bit about who’s behind the scene. Don’t we? Here are our gastronauts on a single platter, who in a very young age has given in to their tongue and has succumbed to the kitchen God- chiefly to heal the world with the power of lip-smacking food. And Like hippo, we believe in a well-fed world too. Hungry people fight more. The peace comes from a stomach!

See what the Slurrpy cooks are up to!

Rukmini Roy

A bong born  foodie: only gems, no gym.

Boy they say was I born with a silver spoon! But basking in the glory of being born with a silver spoon had to wait for the food in that little concave hollow of the shiny silver needed checking! From then on, God knows, I don’t love Kung-Fu, I love food. This is simply my story.

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Paridhi Bhatiya 

The efficient foodie and the girl who has an access to all the great restaurant kitchens in the world. What makes you a reviewer!
Eat to live they say, eh! But how about, I love to binge and live to eat?



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Aditi Mishra 

Sit me down at the road-side stall, show me the local café, pamper me in a five-star hotel or guide me to the wedding buffet, if there is food and a glass of sweet lemonade, life my friends becomes the dessert.

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Keshia D’ Souza

With a love for food: Goa Girl, not Goa Gill.

There is a foodie in us all, whether it’s reading recipe books, watching cookery shows, writing a food blog, spending time in the kitchen or the best foodie pursuit of all, stuffing your mouth! Well, I’m just the same.

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Reema Banerjee

With a food for thought: All that glitters is delicious

Going back to the root cause, I would give credit to all those nights I spent fishing for ingredients in towering shelves and a refrigerator lost in time just to douse my untimely hunger while juggling with academia. It was then that I proclaimed by self as a foodie, a shameless one if ever.

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Gerita Staney

The sweetest cook, ever. Pound cake, pan cake, all things sweet.

It was an amazing experience to learn to live life in a big city…the mixed culture, I am encountering and cherishing, comes with me into my kitchenette too! Well I love food and have loved it ever since I can remember.

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Priya Ananthakrishnan

Photographer, foodie, foodie, foodie. A bunch of good time with lens and food!

The word ‘foodie’ gets straight to the point, a person who loves to eat and well, in my case cook too!! When I’m happy I like to eat, when I’m sad, I love to eat too. I guess I’m running the risk of being labeled a glutton. But no, I’m not, it’s simple, I just love food.

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