Lady’s finger Kichadi: Fried Lady’s finger in a thick curd gravy

For all with a love for okhra or lady’s finger, this tangy dish is going to be your new favorite. An easy South Indian Recipe that involves an unlikely combination of lady’s finder and curd, this Onam special recipe is certainly the proof of fact: Opposites attract.

Ingredients :

  • Lady’s finger: 2 cups
  • Thick curd: ½ cup
  • Green and dry red chillies: 2 respectively
  • Mustard: 1tsp
  • Grates coconut: ½ cup
  • Curry leaves: 2 sprig
  • Oil: 2tsp
  • Salt: to taste



  • In very hot oil, fry lady’s finger until crisp. Drain and keep
  • Meanwhile ground coconut, red chillies and mustard
  • In the same oil, season the ground spices. When aromatic add curd and let it boil for a minute. Add salt, lady’s finger and stir.
  • Remove from heat, sprinkle curry leaves and Serve!


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