Farali Pattice with Seafood Sauce

Farali Pattice with Seafood Sauce

Although Farali Pattice is eaten during Navratras, during the non-festive time, it can be presented in a non-vegetarian way as well, dressed in a completely new avatar. So this recipe (minus the seafood sauce) is a perfect Navratri recipe. Farali Pattice is a fasting recipe, which people in Mumbai relish happily during the festive days. So if you are looking for a vrat recipe on this festive season, this traditional Gujarati recipe is something you should try. Even if you are not fasting during Navratras and if you can eat non-vegetarian food during this time, this fusion twist is going to be great! The base is the same old Farali Pattice, while it is topped with a cheese-based butter sauce, infused with seafood aroma. So the recipe is twofold, and serves all. Again, if you are looking for vrat ka khana, simply omit the seafood sauce!

In Mumbai too, Farali Pattice is very popular. During the Navratras, many sweet shops sell these patties. In many traditional homes, these are made in bulk for the festive season. The unusual texture of Farali pattice (crisp from outside and textured from inside) is just perfect for those who don’t like to eat sweets during the festivities. But although it has chillies in the filling, the sweetness coming from the freshly grated coconut is just something that reminds one of childhood festive days. We personally love the texture of the grated-coconut filling, contrasting sharply with the smooth outer cover made with potatoes. To add to the flavour and texture, people also add roasted peanuts, spices, dry fruits and green chillies. This is a deep-fried snack which Mumbaikars love to eat anytime of the year! In this recipe, we used water chestnut flour as a binder. If not available, use arrowroot.

Farali Pattice with Seafood Sauce

Ingredients for the Farali Pattice:

  • Medium-sized potatoes (boiled, peeled and mashed): 3
  • Water chestnut flour (kuttu ka atta): 2 tbsp
  • Freshly grated coconut: 1 cup
  • Roasted and coarsely crushed peanuts: around 1/2 cup
  • Roasted mixed nuts (cashews, charoli and almonds): 1/4 cup
  • Raisins: 1 tbsp
  • Finely chopped green chillies: 2 tbsp
  • Lime juice: 1 tbsp
  • Rock salt as per taste
  • Oil for shallow-frying


Ingredients for the Seafood Sauce:

  • Butter: 2 tbsp
  • Tomato paste: 1 tsp
  • Grated cheddar cheese: 2 tbsp
  • Squid rings: 10
  • Shrimps: 10
  • Coconut cream: 1 tbsp
  • Finely chopped dill: 1 tsp



  • In a bowl, mix together the coconut, nuts, raisins, chillies, lime juice and rock salt. This is our filling for the pattice. Keep aside.
  • Add the water chestnut flour and the rock salt with the mashed potatoes and knead a soft dough.
  • Make around 10 smooth balls out of this dough.
  • Using your palm, flatten each ball.
  • At the centre of each flattened ball, place a little of the stuffing.
  • With the help of your palms, roll it into a ball again, with the stuffing at the centre. Coat with a little water chestnut flour.
  • Repeat the above process to make the rest of the balls.
  • Heat oil in a shallow pan. Fry these balls until these are golden-brown uniformly.
  • Drain the balls on an absorbent paper.
  • Serve with sweetened curd or any other Indian cutney.
  • If not using this recipe for religious fasting during Navratras, make the Seafood sauce.
  • For the seafood sauce, heat the butter until it just starts browning.
  • Add all other ingredients (except the dill) for the seafood sauce and saute on a medium flame for 3 min.
  • Finish off with dill.
  • Pour this sauce along with the seafood on the Farali pattice and serve hot.
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