Think out-of-the-box for your next soiree!

The date of your next party has arrived; all your favourite people have confirmed their invitation and the menu is set with delicious items ready to be served. But you just realised that you do not know how to go about with your table decorations! Now do not sit all flustered and wonder what you would do next because, you are on the right page, at the right time!A well-set table has the power to make food taste even better! Not literally though, but it does give a very inviting feel and can make even a simple meal seem like a sumptuous delight! Well, here are some options that you can consider.

The basic idea is having fun and being creative when it comes to decorating the table for your next party. In fact, this idea comes handy in all occasions and really works wonders!

  • The first thing is buying materials for the décor part. You can buy them from any nearby retailer shops or craft stores.
  • For glassware and utensils, you need not use a perfect and expensive crockery set. Think different and mismatch pieces of china. Trust us, they make an amazing collection. Experiment with several patterns and vibrant colours (eg. Salad on a green dessert plate and meals on floral-patterned china-ware). However, do not make it very colourful and limit to only two or three colours at the most.
  • Napkin rings are a must and it is not necessary to settle for the old traditional circles that are made of metal, ceramic and wood. Instead, settle for something innovative. Use old soda cans, remove both the bottom and top of the cans and wash them thoroughly. Dry them and decorate the cans with confetti. You will surely get compliments for coming up with an innovative napkin holder.
  • A dinner table becomes visually appealing with attractive floral centrepieces, fruit arrangements and an assortment of candles.
  • Glassware pieces make for interesting centrepieces. Clear glass pitchers can be filled with fresh blooms bought from the nearby florist. Let your creative ideas flow and make a unique centrepiece. For example, fill a huge clear bowl with water, float candles in the bowl. For a dramatic touch, add a coloured floral marble to its bottom.

So go ahead, throw a rocking party, chill and have a blast!


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