A Matter of Table Manners

When was the last time you went on a blind date only to put off your date by the weird sounds you made just because you enjoyed your dish? Or how about that high-profile lunch with your boss where you kissed your promotion goodbye, just because you used the fork when it was the spoons turn! You may be wondering, why did it matter so much. You were just another foodie eating your heart out…Right? Wrong! Table manners my friends. More important than what you eat is how you eat.It is important to inculcate table manners in your professional as well as personal life. Slurping soups, chomping chocolate cakes, spilling salt, dropping spoons could be quaintly charming. But however, these actions might bring negative points to your persona.

So, here are some simple ‘Do’s and Dont’s that would help you out the next time you go to meet ‘the one’ or ‘the instrumental one’.

  • Placing your cutlery in the right manner is extremely important. Your plate should be in the centre, spoons and knives to your right, napkins and forks to your left, solids (eg. starters) go on your left while liquids (eg. water) go on your right.
  • You should not make weird or funny noises while eating or drinking.
  • When the food is hot, do not blow onto it. Also, chew with your mouth shut.
  • Licking your fingers is ok (if you’re a jungle beast that is!). No one wants to know how much you like the food!
  • Burping, blowing noses, picking your teeth or taking your shoes off are no-no’s. Should you feel the urge, terminate it!
  • Please be neat. Do not comb your hair or apply make up at the dinner table. Everyone appreciates well-groomed people but not the ones grooming up at the table itself!
  • Enjoy your drink but not as if it may be your last. Remember its a dinner and not a single’s party!
  • You should always pass things such as salt and pepper counter clockwise. Make sure you pass them together.
  • Bending over the table to eat is not the right way. Instead bring the spoon/fork to your mouth for that.
  • There may be food items or cutlery that are placed beyond your reach. All you need to do is ask the person closest to it to pass it on to you instead of leaping forward!
  • You might want to use the wash-room, so excuse yourself and while leaving lay a napkin on your chair.

These are some simple dining etiquettes that you should keep in mind. If you follow them, you can spare yourself of embarrassment and instead enjoy a pleasant dinner.


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