The Healthy Boon called Coconut

The coconut palm is grown throughout the tropical world, and has many culinary and non-culinary uses. The coconut tree is a boon to humans since every part of the tree can be put to good use. The leaves and used for making thatched roofs for houses in rural areas, the trunk is used to making houses too. Its fiber is used for making coir for mats, ropes, etc. Its water can be had plain; the nut is used in a huge array of cuisines ranging from, soups, salads, curries, ice-creams. It’s also used in shampoos, as hair oil, soaps on account of its medicinal properties. Health benefits of coconut oil include the following:
•    Hair Care: Coconut oil is one of the best sources of natural nutrition for hair. It promotes hair growth, provides a shinny texture, fights dandruff, lice, and scalp dryness.  . It is an excellent conditioner and helps in the re-growth of damaged hair.
•   Stress Relief: Coconut oil soothes the nerves and removes stress. Applying coconut oil to the head followed with a gentle massage helps in removing mental fatigue.
•    Skin Care: Coconut oil is excellent massage oil for the skin.  It acts as an effective moisturizer for the skin, helps in preventing dryness and flaking of skin, delays wrinkles, and sagging of skin. Coconut oil also helps in treating various skin problems including psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections. It is therefore the basic ingredient of various body care products such as soaps, lotions, creams, etc., used for skin care.
•    Heart Diseases: Coconut oil is beneficial for the heart. It contains about 50% lauric acid, which helps in preventing various heart problems including high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, and reduces the incidence of injury in arteries and therefore helps in preventing atherosclerosis.
•    Weight Loss: Coconut oil is very useful in weight loss. It is also easy to digest and it helps in healthy functioning of the thyroid and enzymes systems. It increases the body thereby burning out more energy and fat.
•    Digestion: Internal use of coconut oil occurs primarily as cooking oil. Coconut oil keeps the digestive system healthy and prevents various stomach and digestive ailments.  The saturated fats present in coconut oil have anti microbial properties and help in dealing with various bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc., that cause indigestion.
•    Immunity: Coconut oil promotes the immune system as it contains antimicrobial lipids, lauric acid, capric acid and caprylic acid which have antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. It fights diseases such as herpes, influenza, cytomegalovirus, and even HIV.
•    Healing & Infections: When applied on infections, it forms a chemical layer which protects the infected body part from external dust, air, fungi, bacteria and virus. Coconut oil is most effective on bruises as it speeds up the healing process by repairing damaged tissues. Coconut oil is very effective against a variety of infections due to its antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. Coconut oil is also effective for ringworm, athlete’s foot, thrush, diaper rash, etc.
•    Liver: The presence of medium chain triglycerides and fatty acids helps in preventing liver diseases as they are easily converted into energy when they reach the liver, thus reducing work load on the liver and also preventing accumulation of fat.
•    Kidney: Coconut oil is good for the kidney and helps in preventing kidney and gall bladder diseases as well as in dissolving kidney stones.
•    Diabetes: Coconut oil helps in controlling blood sugar, and improves the secretion of insulin. It also helps in effective utilization of blood glucose, thereby preventing and treating diabetes.
•    Bones & teeth: It’s good for healthy bones and teeth, fights tooth decay  and is very useful to women who are prone to osteoporosis after middle age.
•    HIV and Cancer: It is believed that coconut oil plays an instrumental role in reducing viral susceptibility of HIV and cancer patients.

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