Health benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is obtained from the fruit ‘Olive’. Oleaceae is the Botanical family name. This is traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin. Olive oil is used today throughout the world for many multi purposes like cooking, beauty and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, soaps and in fact also as a fuel for traditional lamps. The olive oil  is composed mainly with a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidative substances. This increases the beneficial health effects of olive oil. Olive oil is a prime component of the Mediterranean Diet. The natural juices in the Olive Oil help preserve the aroma, vitamins and aroma.

Olive oil is clearly one of the best oils with the good healing fats. Get to know more about why you should use olive oil in your daily life…

•    This is the only vegetable oil that can be consumed freshly pressed from the fruit, as it is without any cooking, since this oil is very well tolerated by the stomach.
•    Olive oil offers protection against heart disease by controlling LDL cholesterol levels while rasing the HDL levels.
•    This oil activates the secretion of bile and pancreatic hormones, more naturally than any drug.
•    Olive oil has a beneficial effect on ulcers and gastritis.
•    It also lowers the incidence of gallstone formation.
•    The product Extra Virgin Olive oil, from the first pressing of the olives, contains higher levels of antioxidants, particularly phenols and vitamin E as this is a less processed form.
•    Olive oil offers benefits in prevention of colon cancer.
•    Olive oil apart from just consumption also has many uses in your kitchen. For example, use this to lubricate your machinery like the blenders/mixer/grinder/cookware etc.
•    In addition to health benefits this oil is also used extensively to maintain a beautiful skin. Olive oil is used for facial massages, as effective shaving oil, as a moisturizer etc.
•    Olive oil is also used by some to reduce ear wax build-up.
•    The application of Olive oil immediately following the exposure to UVB rays has a preventive effect on the formation of tumors and skin cancer.

So don’t think twice go ahead and put to use the precious Olive oil in your day to day routine be it cooking, health or beauty care!!

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