Know Your Food: Health Benefits of Tomatoes


Well, with the ravishing Kartrina Kaif tango-ing with the charming Hrithik Roshan in a certain tomatina festival in one of our recent bollywood blockbuster is said to have induced in our movie loving people one good thing. They are now seeing tomatoes with a more global outlook and are incorporating it a bit more into their platters.


Thank God, director Zoya Akhtar included the scene or the global searches for tomatina or tomatoes in general would have been a limping 2%. Better late than never to learn the vast goodness of this little red fruit that’s also known to cure cancer. Have a look and eat tomatoes.

1. Tomatoes are excellent blood purifiers and are known to have instant results on skin.

2. Tomatoes prevent liver cirrhosis and aid in dissolving gall-stones.

3. Tomato is a natural antiseptic and therefore it can help protect against infection.

4. Tomatoes contain Nicotinic acid which help reduce blood cholesterol, thereby preventing heart diseases.

5. Incase of hemorrhages tomatoes can aid in preventing them, they contain Vitamin K

6. Tomatoes contain lycopene, the red pigment that’s responsible for its color. This pigment is a powerful antioxidant that can also fight cancer cells.

Have tomatoes, stay healthy!

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